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Increase Your Capacity to Tell Great Stories, New Ways

A lot of organizations think they need to hire expensive videographers or buy costly video and audio equipment to have rich media content on hand.

But your team members probably already have smartphones and tablets capable of shooting great video and capturing excellent sound. All they need is some training in how to get the best quality from those devices. And, they may need some help understanding how best to tell stories with those devices, which software to use, and which workflows work best to create that content effectively and efficiently.

I've been producing near-real-time smartphone videos for clients for years. I've developed techniques, workflows, hardware and software tools that make that possible. In a one-day workshop I can pass on the basics to your team. That way they can make and share videos that take a couple of hours to produce instead of days. And, they can do it in house, with the gear they already have. That saves you thousands of dollars and gives you the capacity to create rich media to feed your online presence more frequently.

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Course Outline (Full day course, Half Day Condensed)

Example of video interview done completely on a smartphone. For Harrowsmith Magazine.


  • Goal of photography is to fill rectangles with stories
  • Shoot well to see well
  • Examples from great photographers
  • Why great photography is great storytelling
  • Basics of composition (with lots of examples from smartphones)
    • rule of thirds
    • thinking geometrically
    • removing distractions
  • The power of light (with lighting examples)
  • Exposure and why it matters (especially for the small sensors in smartphones)
  • Tips for getting great images from smartphones
  • Apps for great pictures (and post-processing pictures)
  • Gear guide for shooting with smartphones (external lights, small tripods, rigs etc.)
  • Photo workflow
  • Practical Exercise for Group


This section builds on the lessons from the Stills portion of the course. It then dives into:

  • Gear guide (lights, microphones, tripods, rigs etc.)
  • Basics of recording audio
  • Basics of video lighting with small portable lights
  • Structure of a typical video interview (intro, extro, b-roll, music etc.)
  • Video workflow
  • Apps for great video shooting and post-production on smart devices
  • Hands-on with gear as time permits
  • Wrap-up
  • Questions

To learn more about my Rich Media bootcamps drop email me at